photo series 338-01

photo series 338-01

105 images starring Suzy
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There is something unique when you have the chance to tie a girl for the first time … I have been lucky many times including when Suzy emailed me. She knew my website and was interested about the BDSM universe. So, after a while, Suzy decided to cross the line. We exchanged several messages and we found the right way to make her first shooting very cool. Suzy wasn’t living in Paris then I met her when she came for the photo session. I took the time to speak with her before to take my camera. Suzy wanted to be bound and I quickly understood she was feeling comfortable with ropes. After few minutes, the 22 years old woman was totally immobilized like every french girl should be ! She was nicely flexible and got the strength to bear her first shibari for 50 minutes … not bad for a beginning, ins’t it ? After this, she discovered something easier with a classic position but I added a nice ropework taking her crotch. I bet you will love this like Suzy enjoyed it. We ended in the evening and both of us were happy about all those pictures. She was shy and had limits but we did a nice session. Later, Suzy messaged me to explain being on my website was something special for her … just because she didn’t expect to be a captive girl like Mina, Dana or Anaïs.


shot on 2009, October 22
published on Captive Culture


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