photo series 304-02

photo series 304-02

90 images starring Amélie
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Let’s share another rope session again … that day, Amélie enjoyed to be bound, blindfold and challenged with several bondage positions. You know the yellow light used to create a warm atmosphere. I love this because it sounds like a natural lighting for a cool evening between kinky friends. My initial idea was simple but efficient : tie the wrists of my model with her ankles. It was interesting to do on the leather couch because Amélie was able to move enough to escape from the first bondage position. That’s always cool to see how happy is a woman who just untied herself alone ! I also like to challenge her with almost the same tie after she got back her freedom. This time, the ropework was unescapable and she has been unable to break it. I bet you should love the white satin robe, the contrast with the warm light and the dark leather is very cool. After this good start, I wanted to try a tongue immobilization using my ropes. Amélie experienced something new, probably a strange feeling …it was nice to watch her drooling without any hope to bring her tongue back inside her mouth. Back to the classics after this discovery : I used some old lingerie for the next step. Let’s expose the breast lovely enclosed in a sexy bra ! I also explored a new way to tie Amélie’s fingers with the satin belt. Amélie legs are great and several nice pics have been shot. It decided me to build a classic immobilization with arms bound in the back. She knew that position very well but I’ve added my personal touch using the belt as a blindfold. I don’t use it often but that was the right choice to make Amélie helpless in the dark. We ended the photo series with Amélie bound and blind on the leather couch. As usual, I hope you’ll like to watch those pictures !

shot on 2008, June 07
published on Captive Culture


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  1. I was showing one of this beautiful pictures to one of my significants others which you have posted some years before. I did it to show her in which direction I would like to try some experiemts and why I think that a bond women is so beautiful. Yesterday I had a closer look to all the pictures and realise how extraordniory beautiful they are. I think this is one of your best work and Amélie has such a good aura that even a person which recentyl discover her intrest to this art can feel why this is so an interesting game. Thank you!

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