photo series 214-02

photo series 214-02

90 images starring Diva + Anaïs
available to download


That day, Anais got the chance to play with Diva … after few kisses on the leather boots, Diva has been collared by the Mistress dressed in latex clothes. We shot this session in September 2005 after a photo series for Lady Femdom which was my third website decidated to the dominant women. Anaïs teased a male slave before to take care about Diva. I invited one friend to come because he assisted me long time ago and I needed an extra hand. Before we started, I asked the male sub to leave because I didn’t want to make Diva uncomfortable. It’s never easy to dig inside a submissive situation in front of three men when you are 18 years old … and it probably helped to get all these pictures of Diva walking and drinking like a good pet. For the little story, Dana recently stopped to work as my model assistant so I proposed the job to Diva and, that day, she helped for the Lady Femdom session before to go back in front of the camera. She only did a short period as my assistant : I have been unsatisfied and Anaïs replaced Diva, becoming the best assistant I have ever had … for two years ! Anyway, back to the session … you will notice Diva was wearing a strange outfit in the beginning : I bought it to Dana when she did some space in her dressing room. Anaïs was dressed with a latex blouse and skirt from Breathless (UK). As a reminder, it was my 3rd or 4th shooting with Anaïs and she enjoyed to play the dom for the first time … it’s visible Diva is getting undressed. We decided to use handcuffs and collar because I wanted to focus my photo series on metal restraint. I only used ropes to tie Diva to the cage. I am sure you will love the close-up of Diva’s bum … I know lot of members loved the amazing curves of Diva in this set. After some tickling, she has been encaged before to be released for a last game. Diva got her elbows cuffed in the back like Dana for the french maid session. Anaïs added metal ornaments to the submissive’s breast and we got some nice shots of her nipples. We all loved the smile of Diva in the end : she started the session with some apprehension and finished being happy to be nicely teased by Anaïs. Now, it’s time to watch the pictures … Enjoy !


shot on 2005, September 10
published on Captive Culture


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2 Replies to “photo series 214-02”

  1. hi!

    i just discovered your work like 2 hours ago, and i, already, downloaded the whole thing!
    your work just beautiful, tasteful, mesmerising and exciting; the scenery, the ties, the girls and the photos itself are a meaningful way to look at bondage and the BDSM culture. it’s so expresive and gorgeous!

    are you planning to make more photoshoots or this website it’s just like an archive to all the work you did 17 years ago. anyway, i’ll try to stay tuned.

    greetings from across the pond (:

    1. thank you and happy you discovered my world … for now, I don’t have any plan to post new pics because I didn’t shot for years. Many changes in my life included a cancer which is today a real problem for shooting because I have to deal with a colostomy. Maybe I would take my camera back one day but until that, this blog is a small part of my archives for Captive Culture and Latex Culture websites.

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