girls in love

girls in love video

29 minutes starring Mina + Anaïs
available to download


The end of year is coming and I wanted to share one video related to christmas … that year, we shot a nice session with Anaïs and Mina : as you know, there was a nice feeling between the two girls and I got the chance to capture their mutual interest ! We were taking pictures with the camera, that’s why you can hear some clicks in the background. I wasn’t used to film this kind of scene but each of us were excited to try. Anaïs just started to explore her fantasy : few months after her first duo for Latex Culture, she was able to kiss Mina again. No need to say the both girls enjoyed the session … that’s why we shot more videos like this later. For the little story, I bought the Mina’s outfit few days before without thinking I would use it quickly. Mina was very cute wearing a petticoat made of black crinoline, perfect to reveal and hide the crotch. I avoided to use my rope between Mina’s lips because she got her piercing few weeks before and I didn’t want to hurt my gift for Anaïs. I wish a merry christmas to everyone … take care of you my friends.

merry xmas

Mina was a wonderful gift for christmas …
Anaïs really loved to play with she !

Mina was helpless with arms bound in the back,
Anaïs teased her nicely. French kisses ? Sure.
More ropes and nipple clamps too !

shot on 2005, December 11
published on Captive Culture

hot girls

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