photo series 311-01

photo series 311-01

100 images starring Graziella
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I am going to write a short text for this photo series because time is running fast and my schedule is still complicated with all the health issues you know. So, here is the first set shot with Graziella who contacted me through my blog. I immediately loved her style because she was looking able to play several characteres. At this period, I had some problems to find the inspiration. One year before, Anaïs stopped modeling, you know we were connected and used to share a lot of ideas to make my work better. Of course, I was lucky enough to shoot great models like Mina and Amélie but I needed a little bit more. I thought Graziella would have been another muse because she was used to express her thoughts and propose new challenges to explore like Anaïs. Unfortunately, I decided to stop our collaboration several months later, after only few sessions. She started to work for porn movies and lost something I like to capture. I will not explain in details this fact because it would be long and boring. In one word, I don’t like to shoot fake attitudes and my work has always been focused on a woman exploring her fantasies. Because Graziella digged into the hardcore universe, it became impossible to propose something kinky to her mind. Anyway, for the little story, one friend came at home for this shooting. She mainly assisted Graziella for dressing : the presence of another woman always helps your model to be more comfortable when she doesn’t know you. We did a classic pin-up photo series : Graziella slowly took her clothes off, leaving this lovely baby pink outfit made of thin latex. I hope you will like those pictures. Enjoy your holidays if you take a break for xmas !

shot on 2008, October 18
published on Latex Culture


photo series 311-02


photo series 233-02

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