photo series 311-02

photo series 311-02

75 images starring Graziella
available to download


Back in 2008, one complicated year for me … Graziella contacted me on October and I appreciated her style. You know I like when a woman is able to play several characters and I thought Graziella was able to do it. That’s not a secret, I got a real problem to find motivation and cool ideas after Anaïs decided to stop modeling on 2007. I was lucky enough to shoot great models like Mina and Amélie but I wanted something more, Anaïs and I were connected for the mind part and we were used to speak a lot about the production. I loved the way she had to express her thoughts and propose new challenges to explore. I was expecting that when I met Graziella for the first time … these two women are different, but some details make me tought about Anaïs and it helped my mind to wake-up for a while. When this first bondage session has been published on Captive Culture, I wrote my commentary explaining we did three shootings with Graziella and it was too early to know if our collaboration would be long. Unfortunately, I had to deal with the fact that Graziella started to work in the porn industry without informing me. She became busy and started to lie before to explain me the reality. If you don’t know yet, I didn’t want to shoot porn models for several reasons. Finally, we stopped our collaboration less than six months later she contacted me. Anyway, back to the session … at this time, I noticed some positive things which could help me to find back the creative mood. let’s share today the first bondage session of Graziella. Like a lot of french girls visiting my studio, she has never been bound before and we ended her first photo day with a short shibari time. For the little story, I asked to my friend Audrey to come for the shooting, she assisted Graziella with clothes and other stuff. That was also a premiere for she and I wanted to propose a professional set-up to this beginner … the presence of another woman always helps the girl to be more comfortable with the situation. It was also nice to work again with two people, we got a lot of fun together like I did working with Alain and Anaïs or even Dana few years before. I didn’t make something complicated for Graziella except on the final position which was a bit pervert adding a rope around her neck. Like a lot of ballet dancers, this french girl is comfortable with rope restraint and I was curious to see what the next step would be … we did only few sessions mainly because Graziella wasn’t interested by my universe, she wanted something raw which has never happened in my photo studio. That’s all for today … you should like the photo series even if the result is pretty average.

shot on 2008, October 18
published on Captive Culture


photo series 311-01


photo series 253-01

2 Replies to “photo series 311-02”

  1. After all those years, your work is still among the very best of what was ever produced, before Kink and other bastards turned bondage into porn. We’ll never thank you enough for that. Be well.

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    1. thanks for the nice words about my work … like you, I remember the good old time before Kink destroyed the sweet universe of glamour bondage. I am happy to be one of those independant producers who have proposed something different, far away from the porn industry.


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