photo series 330-01

photo series 330-03

40 images starring Laetitia
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I got an email from Laetitia one week before : she planned a trip to Paris and wanted to shoot one bondage session with me … be my guest Miss, the ropes were waiting for you ! I already explained that several things changed a lot since my beginning : before, I had to take the time to speak and meet the model before. One phone call was enough in 2009 and I discovered Laetitia when she arrived at the train station. I knew that she was a rope bondage lover then I asked to my friend Antoine Savalski to join us : after Jean-Pierre aka Mastermind who bound her slave Salome in 2001, Antoine has been the second rigger invited to bind for my website. It was a good idea because he did a nice job on the first bondage position and I have been able to take some pictures for Laetitia. Of course, as usual, I am not totally satisfied about this first session but we got a nice time shooting together : Laetitia is really flexible and her body has been made for shibari ! After the first position, I decided to capture less pics and took my ropes for another ropework. My ties were strict Laetitia got no problem with this reverse prayer bondage as you can see checking the preview picture … I love this kind of skills ! Unfortunately, my model didn’t sleep a lot the night before shooting and I think her face expression could have been better with more energy. I was curious to see what Laetitia would have been able to give being less tired. Her body was really nice and no need to mention her face and style ! I wrote the following sentence when this photo series has been released on 2009, August 1st : “Next time she will come at home, we will make two sets and I am pretty sure she will look nice dressed in latex. To conclude, we’ll try to arrange another session now we know each other : her ability to manage this reverse prayer position with one leg in the air sounds a really good start” … unfortunately, we never did this second session. I don’t remember the reason after all these years : maybe she has been unable to travel again or we simply lost the contact. It happens sometimes, you shoot the girl and bind her one time only. Anyway, we spent a cool afternoon so thank you Laetitia ! That’s all for today, I wish you a nice week-end now. Click on the download icon to get your archive, unzip it and enjoy the photo series !

shot on 2009, June 25
published on Captive Culture


photo series 283-03

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