photo series 306-01

photo series 306-01

65 images starring Mina
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Let’s share another photo series of the beautiful Mina before her birthday … she will turn 40 on July, 31 and it seems a little bit strange for me. Time flies and this kind of event remembers me all these memories created together are getting older each year … anyway, I had to repost those pictures shot on 2008, June 22 since a long time. I don’t have a lot of things to explain about this session : Mina brought an amazing latex corset that she got recently for her own collection of fetish clothes. It was tight, of course, I don’t remember its size (20″ or 18″) but it was looking beautiful and restrictive. You know my taste for corset but this one was even better than the ones made by House of Harlot for me. I would give you the brand if my memory would be able to do it … so, because the shape of Mina was simply lovely being corseted, I decided to shoot our favorite french girl modeling without any story or special action. We added one latex g-string and some PVC boots to complete the outfit and Mina was ready to go. One fan gave me some hand-made toys including one stunning riding-crop that Mina used for the shooting. She was looking like a dominant goddess with it and we explored this way and some others to capture several good pictures. I think my photography could have been better with another lighting configuration to give a stronger contrast but the essential was outhere … I captured and showed the beauty of Mina and it was a real pleasure to do it. I remember the first time that I asked to play the dominant woman to Mina for Lady Femdom. She was unsure about being able to get the right attitude but I helped her to show this side that we rarely explored together. I think we started to explore more ways with Mina at this period. Anaïs stopped modeling for several months and I was now focusing my universe on Mina. Since we have been able to shoot without anyone else in the room, we exchanged more ideas. Year 2008 has been the beginning of something new between us and Mina accepted to play more kinky games like breath control and even spanking which was one of her limits. That day, we did this photo series for Latex Culture before to shoot one video for Captive Culture. I was exploring some new ways to work myself and the trust and attitude of Mina helped me to turn the page of my lost muse. I stopped to see Mina like one of my models only and let her be one of these muses who made my universe through the years. I am not going to explain this process again but that’s true Mina and I needed more time to be connected. When I met her, Dana was keeping away all others models and Mina became the perfect partner during the Anaïs period. As soon as Mina got some space, we have been able to talk more … and that’s essential to catch my attention and stimulate my brain ! Beyond my psychological point of view, I think Mina was also changing her state of mind about modeling. She got more confident after all the sessions done for my websites and decided to be more active and productive : she was regularly coming to Paris before to move later in this area we allowed us to be closer. Now, I let you discover this photo set full of beauty with Mina seducing the lens and teasing her audience so nicely ! As usual, I hope you will enjoy those pictures : you can preview this photo series clicking on the magnifying glass below. If you like it, download the zip archive on your device before to uncompress it and enjoy the show. If you wish, leave a comment as birthday gift for Mina … have a nice week-end !


shot on 2008, June 22
published on Latex Culture


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  1. Mina is totally stunning and your photography finds those magical moments!
    Wish Mina a fabulous birthday 🙂

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