photo series 294-02

photo series 294-02

120 images starring Mina + Angelina
available to download


That week-end with Mina has been long and intense, as often when she was able to travel. After one saturday focused on rope bondage, she started her sunday with a femdom session with Mistress Lunna. You cand find that photo series in the related posts or checking the appropriate tage. So, after being the submissive of our guest, we shot a similar situation after Lunna left my house. Because Angelina was the models assistant that day, I’ve asked her to be ready for shooting on the second set. We kept the same configuration without moving any furniture. Of course, I decided to use the metal cage where Mina has been locked previously. After several years of production, I was used to save some time splitting the afternoon in two parts. That’s how we shot one photo series for Captive Culture first before another one dedicated to Latex Culture. As you can see on the preview picture, both girls were dressed in latex clothes and enjoyed it. I decided to share those pictures because the colors made me think to christmas … no doubt you will appreciate this small gift ! Mina was wearing a maid uniform made on request by House of Harlot while Angelina was into a latex catsuit and corset from the same designer. You will notice Mina was in the right mood licking the PVC boots of Angelina. I wasn’t totally satisfied about those pictures for two reasons. I was discovering a new camera and the color settings were unperfect, even more with the make-up which was too dark for a pale skin. I tried to minimize all these problems editing each image with Photoshop but the result remained problematic for my eyes. Anyway, you will be focused on the action and that sensual feeling between the two girls. I wish you a nice viewing time and enjoy the holidays season !

shot on 2008, February 03
published on Latex Culture


photo series 294-01


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2 Replies to “photo series 294-02”

  1. This is of course a really sexy photoset with Mina + Angelina. Angelina as a sexy mistress shines from head to toe in black latex and Mina as a sexy submissive. I love this authentic and intense photoset. The sensual tension between the two girls is so amazing (btw: I like the makeup). Thank you very much!


    1. nice day of submission for Mina who served Lunna before to follow the orders of Angelina. She was stunning as always and our imagination is able to create a lot of stories watching the pictures shot that day !


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