photo series 267-02

photo series 267-02

120 images starring Anaïs + Natalya
available to download


Natalya is back to play with a lovely submissive … let’s see how one of my first models will tease Anaïs. Shot on December 06, this set was the third we did in the afternoon. I started working with Natalya on 2001 and I didn’t schedule her for almost two years. She and I were happy to be together again in my house (for the little story, Natalya was the first model tied and shot in the photo studio), after two series for lady femdom and latex culture, I wanted to mix the old and new generation, the association of a classic woman and a modern girl, the fashion model vs the alternative model. I didn’t want to tie Natalya, we didn’t make any bondage session since several years and my ties would be too tight and strict for her. That’s why I decided she would be the mistress while Anaïs would be the bound girl. I wasn’t satisfied about my rope work, I didn’t use my favorite rope and I can’t get a good level of details with that hemp from netherlands. Anyway, I did a basic bondage position and let Natalya having fun with her new friend. There is nothing special in this series, no strange ideas or pervert actions, simply the dom teasing her sub … and it was enough to make Anaïs less relatex than usual. I remember we spoke about it later and I noticed this fact when I’ve edited the pictures : I got several shots with embarrassed smiles or strange eyes. Anaïs wasn’t totally comfortable, that’s probably because she knew Natalya really loves having fun with others women. Maybe she was afraid that some ideas Natalya could have in mind. Maybe she wasn’t relax because the russian lady is almost ten years older than she. Anyway, the essential is we made a good set of pictures with lovely lingerie, nylon stockings and real restraint. I hope you will love the session, personnally, I appreciated the contrast between the classic blonde woman and the young red-head girl, it looks like the teacher and the student.

shot on 2006, December 02
published on Captive Culture


photo series 268-02

2 Replies to “photo series 267-02”

  1. Thanks for the Update. Is it possible to get somewhere your whole Collection?
    A long time ago i was a member of your culture sites (latex and captive), but there are a lot of pictures that i missed.

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    1. happy to share my collection which gone offline when I closed my websites … there is no way to find it online now except on this blog.


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