photo series 322-03

photo series 322-03

110 images starring Mina
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One day after the Shibari School meeting #02, on 2009 April 5th, Mina was back at home to be bound after an express trip in Belgium for a fetish party. She didn’t sleep and she was tired. Graziella didn’t come for our shooting and Mina is alone : after a first set of strict shibari and studio style pictures, we decided to get fun with another “beyond the lights” session. I gave my camera to my friend Alain and started to play with Mina. 03:56PM : her arms are bound in the back. I decided to use scotch tape that time … my victim loves it. 04:03PM : Mina is now gagged and Alain is waiting for the next step. 2 minutes later, the legs are taped and the position begins to be more restrictive. I watch through the window while Alain is taking pictures : there is nobody watching from the house in front of my home but I prefer to check regularly when the curtains are opened. Mina is on the floor and her heart beats are increasing when my riding crop appears. After a while, I cut the pull-over and make her nipples visible : I add a clothespin on each one. 04:16PM : Mina is moaning in front of the window, she moves on the floor … it’s time to use cissors again and expose her boobs. Few days before, I discovered the best way to make Mina crazy with clothespins and I remember this fact. 04:26PM : I authorize Mina to catch and remove the clamps : she has to fight because her arms are always bound in the back … that’s nice to watch her face, you can read her feelings in the eyes ! 04:29PM : the game is almost over but I’ve already planned something else for Mina but that’s another story. As always, I hope you’ll like to watch those memories captured beyond the lights … enjoy !

shot on 2009, April 05
published on Captive Culture


photo series 322-02


photo series 324-02

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