photo series 246-01

photo series 246-01

100 images starring Amélie
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Let’s share another photo series published on my website before I started blogging. Like for the last post, I have to write my commentary from the scratch, without using the archives of my blog. Of course, because this session is 14 years old, my memories are a little bit blurry. Anyway, I am going to describe what I have in mind. I remember Anaïs was there as my assistant. We shot in the living-room using a leather furniture and that mirror which was adding an elegant perspective. Amélie was wearing some black latex lingerie which has been mixed with a strong PVC corset. Some accessories like the gauntlet gloves and rubber necklace added a special style too. We started shooting a lot of fetish and pin-up pics before to bring nylon ropes into the scene. At this period, I was still inspired by glamour bondage even if my taste for shibari was getting stronger. I got the idea to build a comfortable ropework on the front side, crossing my model’s arms. It was looking great, not too strict but without any espace. Because shooting latex and bondage together isn’t easy, I wanted something able to be used for one hour or even more. It was only the third session with Amélie and we were still trying to increase the difficulty of each situation. That time, she got the ball-gag for a longer time and it gave us several nice pictures including the preview above … I still like this set because we explored several interesting ideas like the use of a mirror to build a better photography. I often wrote the evolution of my work started in 2006 but, as you can see, that’s true. Watching it many years later, I think we did a nice work mixing latex fetish and rope bondage. I hope you will enjoy to watch this photo series of that lovely woman bound in latex.

shot on 2006, April 15
published on Captive Culture


246-01 behind the scenes


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6 Replies to “photo series 246-01”

  1. Lovely and elegant work as always. I love the varied positions she’s tied in, as well as her outfit. I think I’ve seen photos from this set around before, and it’s always been one of my favourites 🙂

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  2. This is hands down my favorite set you’ve ever done. My old computer crashed a couple years ago and I lost everything I had from subscribing to your sites, I thank you so much for reposting it.

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