246-01 behind the scenes

246-01 behind the scenes

more about the session …
Let’s start the session with Amélie


Let’s share more with “Behind the Scenes” pictures about this session with Amélie. A lot of people love those fetish images mixing latex lingerie and nylon ropes. The way I tied my model gave a touch of sweetness contrasting with the use of a strict PVC corset which was a good idea too. You will notice that Anaïs was there as make-up artist and assistant like my friend Alain. Today, you will get more pics downloading the zip archive because I also included several others shots which have been published in SD quality only. As always, you can check the related link below to know more about the session or watch the original photo series. I hope you’ll like those images !

She’s happy … what a nice smile !

Anaïs fixing one make-up issue

My friend Alain ready to assist us

Please, no duck face … thank you

Rejected because of the eyes blink

Anaïs helps Amélie to kneel on it

Let’s try one classic pin-up pose

We know how to hydrate a bound girl

Anaïs, could you put the ball-gag ?

Amélie is now bound and gagged !

A little bit tighter please …

Amélie still looks sexy and happy

Let’s finish with some closed eyes

photo series 246-01


shot on 2006, April 15
published on Captive Culture

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  1. Great set, it’s lovely to have these peeks behind the curtain. I love the whole of this set, particularly having to give Amelie a drink because she’s tied up.

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