photo series 291-02

photo series 291-02

60 images starring Noémie
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January 2008, Noémie went back for shooting : silk kimono and lovely girl for rope bondage. I started that year with two cool sessions with Angelina and Noémie. Do you remember the photo series with the latex straitjacket catsuit ? Of course, yes, you have this purple dream in mind. After this, we decided to shoot some shibari and my mood was pretty good. I was happy to welcome one student in photography as my assistant and that was interesting to show my fetish productions to her. Aurélie is a funny woman who needed to find one pro photographer for her school internship. We spent several days together while she was sleeping downstairs and we laughed a lot of good times. That’s exactly what I needed at this period. For the little story, we went to one photo expo which allowed me to meet Eskarina. All this brought me some positive energy after several bad weeks thinking how to work without Anaïs who had recently decided to stop after two years as photo model … it implied a major change for me, not only because she was one of my muses but also because she was my assistant and the best one. Okay, back to the session now : my guest had no experience in this kind of shooting then I prefered to take the pictures even if she captured some nice shots when I was busy with my ropes. You will probably notice that session has been made with the same chocolate background used two days before for the lotus position bondage with Angelina. Here, I used my favorite chair and tried to make something new for Noémie : that was the first time that I discovered her new hair color and I was enthusiastic about it. That’s rare to mention this fact : usually, when a model change her own hair style, it brings more problems than new options to the photographer. But, in this case, I really loved that color change from blonde to natural brown which was giving more expressiveness to her face. She did something great with her hair for that set with two small coils and it was really pleasant to shoot her in such situation. Aurélie, my guest, got the idea to use the kimono given to me by the french pin-up photographer Virginie Notte after one of her shooting in my house. It was cool to use it for the first time and I hope you will love the mix between brown and cyan. After the ropework built on the chair, we did some shots on the carpet exploring the hogtie position. I would also say the last picture is a cool portrait of Noémie with a nice mix of textures and colors. That’s all for now, I wish you a nice week-end watching these pictures. Click on the download icon to get your archive, unzip it and enjoy the photo series !

shot on 2008, January 08
published on Captive Culture


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4 Replies to “photo series 291-02”

  1. I remember this when you first posted these pictures, I thought Noémie was so beautiful and your ropes and use of colour really added to how stunning these photographs are.
    Cool story too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you Jody … I have never expected this cyan kimono would match so nicely with my brown chocolate background. It was also nice to see that Noémie wasn’t blonde as usual. Sometimes, you are lucky with the pieces of your puzzle !


  2. Noémie is such a cuteness overflow with her cute smile. The rope work and her dress are in good contrast and give a beautiful photoset and a helpless model. The hogtie together with her toes tied looks inescapeble. Thank you!


    1. thanks for loving it … Noémie is a nice woman and she was lovely with this hair style. I’m happy that you appreciated this photo series and took the time to leave your feedback !


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