photo series 053-01

photo series 053-01

80 images starring Ambre + Kat
available to download


Halloween is back … let’s share one photo series shot around this idea on year 2002. First, I am sorry to propose small images but as you can guess, this was a limit related to my first digital camera. Anyway, I think you don’t mind, the essential is to share those memories with Ambre and Kat, two models which have not been featured yet on this blog. I don’t have a lot of things to write about that day, we tried to capture a story using a mix of ideas. I remember Ambre brought the book read by Kat to introduce this fantasy. She was also wearing her own goth clothes while Kat was only dressed with some silk lingerie from my collection. We did something glamour suggesting a domination relationship between a vampire and her victim. Some pictures aren’t so bad even if I stopped to use any background later for my productions. I was still learning my job as studio photographer and more experience was required to do the right choices. Anyway, I hope you will appreciate to download and watch the whole set. See you next time !

shot on 2002, October 19
published on Captive Culture


photo series 006-03


photo series 160-01

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