photo series 163-01

photo series 163-01

70 images starring Eve
available to download


Four bondage positions in a row … she needed a good night after this glamour session ! Back in time : I started using the Nikon D70 (early years of Captive Culture have been shot with a bridge camera) and I enjoyed to have a reflex in my hands again. Of course, I was a bit lost but we did some interesting pictures that day. I decided to remaster this series because it has been published before the premium galleries were created : the beauty of Eve deserved to work again on the best bondage session she ever did. Even if everything isn’t perfect with the lighting, I enhanced these old pics for you. You should like to watch Eve in premium quality (1000×1504, the best I can get from my old camera after editing) … You know Eve wasn’t comfortable with ropes when we started shooting together. After several sessions, her fear disappeared and we were able to do more. That day, she experience several positions like a real bondage model. Remember, Eve didn’t to work naked : I proposed her to wear a piece of lingerie which was totally transparent and she agreed ! So, you can discover her breast that Eve didn’t like because she thought her tits were too small. I don’t know for you, but I prefer a natural breast to all these fake boobs we can see everywhere. We added nylon stockings and because I knew we would work on the floor, Eve got the pleasure to wear a pair of ballet shoes. We started with something easy to do : one length of ropes and Eve got bound with tight elbows in the back. I was in a creative mood that day and I started to play with several ropes tied to rings in the walls of my photo studio. Eve was looking nice especially with a rope taking her mouth … she has never been bound before like this but she liked it. Probably because all the team were in a good mood : Dana and Alain helped Eve to stay cool all along the session. Without touching the ropes immobilizing her legs, I released her arms for another position. Eve was a ballet dancer when she was a child, she knew how to manage the pain … but I wanted to see if she was able to spread her legs wide. Then, I created another ropework for she. The position must be exhausting with her wrists bound to the ankles … but we did some very nice pics. We finished by another bondage position before to release Eve. She stayed captive for several hours and she enjoyed it. What a contrast with the vanilla girl I met : after a long training, she was comfortable with ropes and that’s nice to know. I hope you will enjoy this remastered photo series, the best ropes session of Eve.

shot on 2004, November 13
published on Captive Culture


photo series 160-01


french maid

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