192-03 archive session

192-03 archive session

155 images starring Dana + Eve
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2005, April 09 : sometimes, I have some strange but good ideas … as often, Dana got the pleasure to try it. One day, I found a ladder made of bamboo in a decoration store : I bought three of those items to use it for bondage. I thought this would be nice binding on the floor but, for that session with Eve, I had something else in mind. My goal was to link the different pieces together, around the body of my model. I wanted to work on the tension of my jute ropes and build something which was enclosing the bound girl. I knew it would require at least one hour then we did it in the end of our shooting day. Eve & Dana got a nice time modeling in latex and playing in the bathroom before we started. Eve got a latex mini-dress but I decided that Dana would be naked again. At this period, I was still exploring her kinky side, even more after those memorable days shooting with Rachel Paine. Her nudity was looking more interesting : of course, the gorgeous body of Dana was a good reason but not only. Every woman feels herself more vulnerable being bound with no clothes, even if she’s not shy … this psychological effect can be increased if she’s alone with you behind the camera. That night, we were working together in a friendly atmosphere : the two girls were talking a lot while I was fighting with my ropes. I started linking those ladders before to immobilize the legs of Dana over her ankles and knees. Meantime, my friend Alain catched some pictures for you. When the tiny waist of my model has been taken, I have been able to tie her body to the bamboo. Eve suggested to cheat but that’s not my style : I took all the time to build my ropework. Each step was increasing the feeling of constraint for Dana till the last part. As you can see on the preview picture, I tied her wrists in the back and linked them to the bamboo structure. You could think it was too easy for Dana but let me explain some side effects that we didn’t expect. First, Dana had to remain standing for two hours. Second, the tight ropes around her wrists forced Dana to flex her legs slightly. You can imagine how those two factors exhausted her muscles. At the result, she was totally trapped in the middle of this bamboo cage. During all the rigging process, Eve teased her friend and started to enjoy this situation … her hands nicely explored the body of Dana and we catched some nice pics. My idea was looking cool and we got another surprise : if Dana was totally bound and linked to the bamboos, she was able to move very slowly. Her legs and ankles were tied but Dana had some options using her feet. Then, we got a last evil idea. She had to go to the corner cupboard : step by step, inch by inch, like a baby. In the past, Dana has been already tied into this closet and that situation was interesting … for every people who isn’t locked inside, of course ! We couldn’t find a better way to conclude this evening : Eve enjoyed to close the door watching and listening Dana. She stayed in the dark for a while before we gave her some fresh air. After two hours being bound, we couldn’t joke and let Dana inside too long. After this, we worked together to untie the french girl quickly as possible. Seventeen years later, I know why we never did it again : the ropework needed too much time and it was exhausting for the bound girl. If you want to challenge your submissive, try this ! As usual, click on the download icon, unzip that archive file on your device and have a nice time watching our pictures. One “behind the scenes” video has been included to this session : 13 minutes recorded while Dana was released from the bamboo cage and my jute ropes … enjoy !

shot on 2005, April 09
published on Captive Culture


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2 Replies to “192-03 archive session”

  1. In my oppinion that´s a wonderful interaction between Eve and Dana, Beside Dana Eve has a damn cute smile and it looks all so authentic. I´m a great fan of such photo sets! I´m not sure if Eve is more domme or sub but it looks great. Together with the bamboo the hemp rope looks real good and Dana isn´t going anywhere. It´s a great idea (a liitle bit asian style).Many thanks to you!

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    1. thanks again … yes, I like the result of this ropework, complicated but very interesting to build and watch. Eve was totally away from our sphere and she was more like “oh poor Dana” but it was also funny because she knew that each session was slowly driving her to more restraint for herself. I had to fight a lot before to put Eve into some ropes but we did some nice things after a while. Soft but nice !


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