photo series 223-02

photo series 223-02

80 images starring Anaïs + Diva
available to download


Let’s share another photo series focused on latex fetish and glamour pin-up … back in 2005, one week after our Halloween session with Anaïs, Diva and Dana. I liked their outfits on this set and decided to shoot the two young women for my third website, Lady Femdom before to switch for the Latex Culture universe. We used the red curtains as background because I recently tested this configuration with Vivian Ireene Pierce when she went back to Paris. We took the time to choose one latex outfit for each girl. Anaïs has been dressed with one nun’s uniform while Diva was wearing latex lingerie and nylon stockings. Of course, my models also took some high heels shoes in my collection and we were ready to go. I don’t remember how the idea came but we decided to use some ice-cream to create one playful and sensual atmosphere between Anaïs and Diva. We were shooting in a limited space and I knew the girls would need to play this game for being not too static. For the little story, Anaïs lived her first sensual duo session with Mina six weeks before : she kissed a girl for the first time that day and we all know that she loved that experience. I wasn’t expecting such a result with Diva but the ice-cream helped to make the girls closer … that’s how I captured some sensual attitudes with Anaïs licking the skin of Diva. She also applied some ice-cream on her nipple before to clean it with the tongue. You will notice that Diva loved to eat this cold dessert, probably lemon and raspberry. I think we also got the idea that Diva had to accept something sensual to get more ice-cream like leaving her bra in the end of this photo series. As usual, I hope that you will appreciate to watch those pictures … click on the download icon, unzip the archive on your device and have a nice time !

shot on 2005, October 29
published on Latex Culture


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