photo series 322-02

photo series 322-02

45 images starring Mina
available to download


Back in 2005, the day after one Shibari School meeting, Mina came back at home after a fetish party … she was too tired for shooting and we had to deal with this issue and even more. Let’s explain the background of this session. Graziella was awaited for the free bondage event I was used to organize in my small house at this period. She also had to do this shooting scheduled on sunday but Graziella didn’t came. She didn’t warn us and had no valuable excuse. That’s why I stopped working with Graziella after this major lack of respect. We planned to focus that day on girl/girl action but Mina had to model alone. I won’t talk more about these changes and the extra energy needed to do our photo session. Mina got a short night and slept maybe one hour in the train … I knew it wouldn’t be easy for my model when I understood the other girl would not come. Mina had to manage these conditions and being bound like this increases the difficulty. So, we started the day by this photo studio series before to play beyond the lights. You will notice Mina lived a strict shibari time : I was inspired and built a complicated ropework, take the time to watch some details on toes and around her neck. I hope you will like it ! Most of those pictures have been taken by Alain who joined us for this shooting. After I prepared the camera settings and gave my Nikon to my friend, I have been able to use my hands for rope ties and take care about my exhausted model. As a bonus, I included some shots taken in the end of the bondage time, Mina always looks so cute with ropemarks on her pale skin. If you want to see more about that day, you can check the 322-03 photo series which has been already posted on my blog. That’s all folks !

shot on 2009, April 05
published on Captive Culture


photo series 322-03


photo series 287-01

2 Replies to “photo series 322-02”

  1. Mina was a trooper to go through this session given she was at a party the day before and the impromptu changes. Also given the your business relationship with Graziella ended on a sour note, I respect that you still feature the sessions she was in on this site.

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    1. Indeed … Mina was always focused on our goal, not about her comfort. Hopefully, she was there for shooting. About Graziella, and many others, one relationship is like every story, there is a beginning and the end, that’s life but the most important is what you do between these two steps.


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