photo series 183-01

photo series 183-01

50 images starring Dana
available to download


As explained previously, I decided to bring back more archives on this blog including some content made for the others websites of my own network. Let’s start today with one photo series shot on year 2005 for Lady Femdom which has been my third commercial website launched on 2003. At this period, femdom was a niche but I thought it could be interesting to propose some productions focused on female domination using male slave instead of sexy girls. I have always been interested by this kind of power exchange and decided to work on it. I quickly understood shooting those scenes wasn’t my cup of tea. First, I’m a straight guy and I have no attraction for the male body. Second, the aesthetic of those situations was too different from my taste. If you know my work, you can define it by the attitude of my models and their beauty. I was unable to create something similar with a male sub. Then, I tried several options : most of the first sessions have been shot by my assistant and I was working mainly as a producer. But, of course, the photography wasn’t so good than usual. Then, after a while, I modified my concept and Lady Femdom became one website focused on the beauty of a dominant woman and her clothes. I was suggesting the presence of a slave playing with the point of view and my camera angles … it worked nice and solved several problems. Only few models liked to play with a male, they were mostly uncomfortable. I had also to select and meet those guys before any session and it was a real waste of time. We got no problem with the ones who got the chance to meet my models but I was worried about this fact. You never know how one man will react in front of a sexy lady. In one word, removing the male slave has been better for everyone, the model and his photographer. That’s how Lady Femdom session became glamour or fetish photography using nylon stockings, high heel shoes and those clothes we all love. It was also useful for me to organize my shooting days : we were able to start with one femdom series before to do some bondage and finish with one latex set or something else. It gave us more options and freedom for the girls who were able to explore different roles or situations. Sometimes, we also organized some photo series with two girls as the mistress and her submissive. Lady Femdom has been complementary of my others websites for several years but I finally decided to close it for different reasons. It was difficult to produce enough exclusive content for three members area and I was still working alone on the post-production. That’s why I prefered to stop one day and save my energy for Captive Culture and Latex Culture. That’s also the period where I started to deal with some health issues which got a negative impact on my work rate. Back to the photo series now … Dana was one of the rare models who loved to play with male subs and that’s visible on those pictures. I don’t have a lot to write about this set, that’s a classic femdom fantasy based on power exchange at work. Dana played the dominant boss humiliating and punishing one male. I think you will appreciate to discover the face of Dana and her playful attitude in this set. I wanted to start sharing those Lady Femdom archive with that nice session close from the initial concept before to post more photo series without the male sub. That’s all for today … see you next friday !

shot on 2005, March 04
published on Lady Femdom


photo series 262-02

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