268-03 behind the scenes

268-03 behind the scenes

more about the session …
Last settings with Anaïs & Katarina


Let’s share more with “Behind the Scenes” pictures about this session with Anaïs and Katarina. Back in the end of year 2006, first session for Anaïs with one model coming from another country. Our guest was a well-known Mistress in the Netherlands and my muse understood being her submissive would be different from our weekly routine ! Katarina is a cool lady but her attitude quickly impressed Anaïs who has been nicely challenged by the steps that I scheduled : the metal cage, some boot licking, body exploration, nipple play and soft spanking to conclude. All this was looking more real than usual for Anaïs but she played the game nicely. I didn’t have a lot of content to share except several shots which have not published because my models were smiling about the situation for different reasons. But, in one word, the Mistress wasn’t faking it, so, Anaïs has been able to feel the strength of Katarina when she went on her back or tweaked her nipples. I think it helped to create a true power exchange between this dominant lady and the young woman. Anaïs was also probably less comfortable because she got a sample while we shot the previous set : I tied and suspended the french girl before to let Katarina play but Anaïs that’s another story ! I wish you a nice watch and hope you’ll like those images. Today, you will get 12 pics downloading the zip archive … as always, you can check the related link below to know more about the session or watch the original photo series.

Fixing the frame hiding one window

Anaïs tries to immobilize her hair

Katarina begins to play with Anaïs

I caught lot of smiles that day …

… which show one playful mood

Anaïs was a little bit impressed …

… because she didn’t know Katarina

Our guest was used to dominate IRL

But Katarina has been kind with Anaïs


shot on 2006, December 09
published on Captive Culture

photo series 268-03

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