photo series 268-03

photo series 268-03

170 images starring Katarina + Anaïs
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2006, December 09 : Katarina Noire was the Mistress and Anaïs as her submissive, the best of Netherlands and France has been brought on your screen. No doubt about it, my work would have been a pleasure if every shooting could be like this one : easy, efficient, funny, productive and sexy. Katarina contacted me few weeks before : she was coming for a fetish party in Paris and I invited us for a shooting at home. That day, we did 4 sets in a row. Finally, Anaïs has been able to work with a foreign model … she missed few girls in the past, it was important and interesting for her to experience a Captive Culture shooting with a special guest. I really appreciated the attitude of Anaïs. She did a good job, modeling well and fast like a pro. We spoke about it with Alain after the session and my friend thought the same. I compared Anaïs to Dana when we shot Rachel Paine : she used all her knowledge to raise her modeling skills for this shooting. It made things easier for me and helped to get a better result. Katarina works faster than light, always proposing postures and variations … no need to explain things or give advices. I knew Anaïs was able to challenge it doing the same and I was right. She has been meticulous, autonomous, sexy and inventive like a true and skilled model can be. I met only few french models able to do this. I would like to thank Alain too. He was kind enough to drive back Katarina to her hotel on saturday morning. It helped me a lot. Last but not least, thanks to Katarina for her work. She did it well and her outfits were perfectly matching with my regular productions. I let you now discover the photo series after your download will be completed. Enjoy !


shot on 2006, December 09
published on Captive Culture


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