photo series 360-02

photo series 360-02

70 images starring Mina
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Here is the last session with Mina before she stopped modeling : glamour immobilization associated to latex fetish ! Mina decided to stop shooting during summer 2010 … when she informed me, we arranged a shooting day just before her deadline. So, I got the pleasure and chance to capture her last photo session. I knew a lot of latex would please Mina then we shot her dressing for heavy rubber on the white couch before to be immobilized with silk ribbon … both of us loved the contrast between this latex restraint (catsuit, stockings, corset, gloves, hood) associated to the softness of ribbon. Let’s talk about Mina … when she came for that last session, she didn’t shoot for several months and already started her new life. That’s why you will see Mina without her famous piercing. After all these years, Mina needed to find her way to a normal life and I know she’s happy about it now. Mina was right and deserved all the good things that happened since she left the industry. Every story ends one day : I remember when we shot together for the first time in the end of 2004 … she gave a lot to Captive Culture and I helped her to be famous on the bondage scene. Mina is one of the sweetest model I worked with and she’s one of the most respectable woman I know. Even when she was tired or sad, she never stopped to smile and enjoy being captive. Her beautiful eyes and lovely face has been a pleasure to watch. On my old blog, I wrote Mina would stay in our memories as the sexy girl happy to be bound. Several years later, I am happy to see many people still leave comments showing their love for Mina and asking some news about her favorite model. We worked together for six years … Mina met lot of my models : Dana was there when she arrived, she shot with Diva and many more and, last but not least, she got lot of fun with Anaïs. I guess you appreciate the beauty of the “french petite model” who charmed us on every session shot for my websites ! I hope you will enjoy this ultimate session, feel free to leave a comment if you miss Mina.

shot on 2010, October 29
published on Captive Culture


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