photo series 230-01

photo series 230-01

125 images starring Mina + Anaïs
available to download


Winter holidays are approaching and I want to share this xmas session shot in 2005 : Mina was my guest and, of course, Anaïs was there to play with her partner. As you know, these two french girls loved to be together in front of the camera and you probably noticed it watching the related video added to my blog … 5 years ago ! That’s a way too much, this photo series deserved to be reposted before but that’s always the same problem with christmas or halloween productions, that’s a little bit weird to share it during another period of the year. Anyway, there is nothing special to write about this day, it’s a classic set of pictures for Captive Culture … I worked on the background with Alain on sunday morning and the xmas tree was a good idea. I was satisfied about the result but this kind of thematic session were going to be stopped later : it required too much energy to arrange some details that were not necessary when the action was good enough with my models. I explained this fact many times but, year after year, my work changed and has been more focused on the girls rather than one location that it wasn’t easy to picture with a small budget or empty room. I liked to create some landscape pictures with my model lost in that space but only few people appreciated this kind of images. After a while, I stopped thinking about anything else than the girl and her mood and how I could capture this situation. Back to the session now : the outfit worn by Mina has been bought few days before without knowing that I would use it so quickly. Mina was very sexy wearing this petticoat made of black crinoline, perfect to reveal and hide her crotch. I didn’t slipped my rope between Mina’s lips because she got her piercing only few weeks before. For the little story, the girls are smiling in the end because Anais had one xmas decoration stuck in her hair and it made us laugh a lot ! That’s all for now … don’t forget to watch them on video checking the related link below. As usual, I hope you will enjoy those images : you can preview this photo series clicking on the magnifying glass below. If you like it, download the zip archive on your device before to uncompress it. I wish you a nice week-end and have a merry xmas !


shot on 2005, December 11
published on Captive Culture


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  1. It’s a beautiful photoset of both girls! You can feel the atmosphere and the authentic power game. Mina is tied up every inch and also with a nice crotch rope. What a dream. Thank you Jerome for sharing!

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