photo series 332-01

photo series 332-01

90 images starring Amélie
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2022 is ending and I decided to share this photo series with Amélie for the color harmony between this red dress, her latex gloves and use of light. We shot this session in 2009 during the summer … no need to say that the french pin-up was more than exposed to the heat wearing this fetish outfit made by Skin Two clothing ! I think one fan requested a session focused on smoking fetishism and we explored this way. It could have been one photo series for Lady Femdom (my third website) but I published it on Latex Culture, probably because the result was more interesting than expected. I wouldn’t say the use of smoke has been well captured but I like this set of pictures : Amélie is looking nice as always and this shooting configuration helped to create a good mood which is visible on several images. Even if she was wearing some boots with red heels, I prefered to focus my lens on her bust … there were a lot of portrait pictures and lovely attitudes to shoot ! We quickly decided to unlace this latex dress to reveal the curves of Amélie : my point of view was similar to the one of a submissive watching that dominant woman taking all the time to tease her partner. The cigarette was nothing more than one way to play with her hand and mouth : I know that smoking fetish was popular at this period but, nowadays, I know a lot of people will not appreciate this theme. That’s why I think it was better to choose one preview picture without any cigarette even if some of those shots are looking nice. As usual, I hope you will like to watch it … click on the download icon, unzip the archive on your device and have a nice time ! You can also check the related links below to have a look to the others pictures captured after this set : Amélie discovered the single-glove before to be bound … a lot of tight ropes, some breathplay and even one warm shower to conclude our kinky afternoon ! That’s all for now : of course, I wish you a nice end of year and be right back on 2023.


shot on 2009, July 18
published on Latex Culture


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  1. This was quite the set to show Amélie in a dominant role. The slow reveal of her chest and her expressions demonstrates how much power she has.

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