photo series 228-01

photo series 228-01

105 images starring Diva
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Let’s start 2023 with this photo series captured in 2005, December 02. When I shot Diva for the first time, I told the following words to my assistants : “she is a beginner with a lot of dreams, we have to shoot her faster than usual because every session can be the last one” … and I was right to think like this. I have never thought that Diva would be a long-term model for Captive Culture : she was too young to imagine her future as an international bondage model taking the time to get more experience and exploit my connections in the industry. So, we have never been close and I worked with Diva like with many others girls. Of course, her potential was higher than a lot of models and it was frustrating to see that she was unable to analyze the situation and walk in the steps of Dita von Teese who was her idol. Diva didn’t know all the story and thought there was a shortcut to her goal. Anyway, back to the session now : bedroom bondage without any lingerie. As you probably know, the evolution of Diva in front of my camera has been slow but real. I have already explained how we dealt with her limits which were a little bit strange for a woman who wanted to be a burlesque artist naked on the stage. As you can see on the preview picture, nudity wasn’t a problem anymore for our sessions but it didn’t solve my biggest issue. I knew that my model wasn’t really interested by bondage. Diva wanted to become a model and maybe more, my universe was only one way to get some exposure after being blacklisted by my friend Virginie Notte who has been the main frech pin-up photographer of this decade. I accepted to give her chance to Diva and I waited that she reached her 18th birthday before we worked together. We did some good photo series for one year but it wasn’t enough for me, and Diva probably got the same feeling. That day, we shot this bedroom bondage situation mixing the needs of a producer and the wishes of a model. It wasn’t a bad afternoon but it could have been better for everyone. At this period, I was working hard on the production with Anaïs : she became my perfect assistant and the best model I have ever had. Why ? Because she was used to think about our viewers and what we needed to shoot for Captive Culture. She wasn’t only focused on her own interest like many girls I’ve worked with in the past, including Diva. She was helping to get more from the models and that’s how we have been able to enhance the quality of my work together. Like me, Anaïs was used to listen the girls but she was free to speak with them. As producer and an older male, I have always limited my speech to avoid any confusion … sometimes, my models didn’t how to tell me what they had in mind. In the beginning of 2006, Diva had the desire to stop shooting for my websites but she didn’t talk to me. Diva explained the situation to Anais during an online chat while I was trying to organize our schedule. We lost a full month and it created one conflict for nothing … instead of lying or cancelling some dates, she just had to say “I want to stop” and it would have been okay for me. I was prepared to this idea since the beginning but that’s something she didn’t know. In the meantime, she used several of our pictures to win a contest organized by a magazine who was owned by Marc Andersen, the man behind Joystick Hebdo and Cine Live … I had to warn my old friend to avoid the publishing of copyrighted productions and it didn’t help us to end our collaboration peacefully. So, this photo series on my bed is the last session of Diva for Captive Culture. and that’s sad that we didn’t find the way to communicate properly. What could I add about this set ? I was alone to do the ropework and take these pictures. Anais was there and when Diva is looking on the left side of my bedroom, she was probably watching my model’s assistant. As often, Diva lost her smile when the ropes started to play with her skin. She was always showing less motivation being bound and it couldn’t satisfy me, even more when we got the idea to use some white stars as a reference to the burlesque scene which was the dream of Diva. I think the final bondage position was very interesting : tied ankles, free knees … it was looking nice and I got some ideas to make it more playful and kinky but I did it later with Anaïs, on video. One last thing, you will notice that some pics have been dedicated to my friend Marrow / BindMe who provided the ropes for this session. That’s all for today. I hope you will like these pictures … as usual, simply click on the download icon, unzip the archive on your device and have a nice viewing. Of course, I wish you the best for 2023.


shot on 2005, December 02
published on Captive Culture


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  1. Great work! She is a cutie and this photo set is sparkling. The asymetric rope work looks fine. Thank you!

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