photo series 206-01

photo series 206-01

135 images starring Dana
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Here is a session with Dana as the maid in latex uniform. For this shooting, we moved to a parisian apartment. It was nice location where I worked 3 years before for Latex Culture. I liked this kitchen : a really cool open space which would be the right place for a fmaid dressed in latex. It has been a long day with a lot of stress but we did some cool pics even if we had to deal with the new look of Dana. She decided to change her hair style and color one just before this special shooting. I didn’t like the haircut … Dana was looking different the orange color was too flashy for me. I played with camera angles to minimize this effect and tried to focus my lens on the maid wearing her latex uniform. Let’s talk about the light : there was a lot of sun in this apartment. I had to mix several light sources : two softboxes and the natural daylight. I was anxious about the result but the color harmony was really interesting. I guess you already know this shot which has been as preview picture many years ago. We all liked the way I used the handcuffs to immobilize the arms of Dana. It wasn’t comfortable for she but it was a really cool metal restraint sequence. After this, Dans has been bound with jute ropes … nice hogtie in the kitchen testing a new idea. I helped Dana to go over the corase salt suggested by Marc, our host. It was looking nice and disturbing for the captive girl but we didn’t expect this would be so painful for Dana ! We didn’t think the salt would slowly burn her skin … hopefully, it was gone the day after but we have been worried and really sorry about this. Anyway, even if the shooting has been complicated, we were pleased by this photo series. Dana was looking gorgeous with her french maid uniform. She always loved latex and challenge, she got both that day … tight elbows in the back is something every girl likes to hate ! It’s easy to imagine the pain and pressure of metal restraint on her arms, especially when Dana is cleaning the kitchen. Our eyes are captivated by the cuffs but, of course, this beautiful bum. I wish you a nice time watching those pictures … feel free to like, comment and share this post. I like to get your feedback !

shot on 2005, July 22
published on Captive Culture


french maid


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