227-02 archive session

227-02 archive session

120 images starring Dana
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2005, November 26 : here is the last photo series shot with Dana Carlier for Captive Culture. As explained previously, our collaboration was going down since a while and we stopped shooting together without speaking about it. Since the summer, Dana was booked less often because she wasn’t my assistant anymore. She also tried to work for others producers but she was expecting something better. 2005 has been a long year for Dana and we did a lot of sessions including the ones with our american guests. At this period, Dana reached her own limits and I know she wasn’t totally free. She had a kinky side but she also had to deal with her life : that’s something we can all understand. It appears we were still exchanging some nice emails but she was tired about the fetish scene and being a model. We slowly lost the contact after the winter holidays. That’s not so bad because we didn’t how to know to end this long adventure : for 3 years, Dana gave a lot to Captive Culture and we built so much memories together. That day, I did some good pictures of Dana bound to the chair in my living-room before to move in the bedroom. We got the idea to shoot being bound into the latex bodybag. As you can see, the transparency was great to see my ropes and the experience has been very interesting. Dana was so slim than the bodybag was too large but we were able to shoot some cool pics. We got a nice day shooting alone without any assistant. Two weeks later, Dana went back at home to shoot for her website … that day, we did some very nice pics for christmas : do you have in mind the view of a beautiful bum with the x-mas tree in the background ? After the holidays season, we exchanged some words for this new year which just started but the next steps are blurry in my mind. Even reading my archives, I don’t remember what happened : I continued to manage her website until she asked me to close it before the end of 2006. We lost the contact after this. She probably needed to turn the page like a lot of models going back to the normal life. I hope she’s happy now, far away from the fetish scene. We never forgot this talented model & nice girl. That’s all for now … I hope you will like this archive session reposted as my members discovered it knowing Dana wouldn’t come back for some new adventures : those pictures have never been remastered but you should like the watch even everything wasn’t perfect … as usual, click on the download icon, uncompress that zip file on your device and have a nice week-end !


shot on 2005, November 26
published on Captive Culture


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10 Replies to “227-02 archive session”

  1. A beautiful photoset of naked Dana. She is wonderful. Especially with her hands tied at the thighs. Naked, tied up in a latex bag is very kinky and so exciting at the same time. She seems to feel herself her helplessness. The ballgag is the icing on top.
    I am really missing the old time of the member sites of Captive Culture and Latex Culture. You and your models did a really great work!

    1. thank you Chris … these pics aren’t perfect but the mood was there. It allowed me to confirm this bodybag made by House of Harlot for me was too large and I ordered another one later which was tighter (purple latex) and looking better. I imagine my photography could have been better including on the last part but like a lot of things, I discovered that this kind of item isn’t easy to shoot ! I also miss the good old time of my website, if I could, I would open another one, not for commercial purpose but only for all the options that would give it to me. I am too limited using WordPress without the full control under the hood.

  2. Thank you for this set and the insight into the story behind it. I liked the insight into the creation of These photos

    1. thank you … that’s why I take the time to write my commentary even if english remains a little bit complicated for me. Beyond the pictures, everything around the background or making of our pictures is interesting to know for anybody interested by the reality of home-made productions.

  3. Always been a fan of latex and your combination with bondage drew me to your work. Usually latex tends to be tighter but it’s also expensive and hard to get all your models to fit into the same measurements. Sad to know this was the last with Dana, but for a lot of amateur(?) models there’s more to life. Hopefully she enjoyed her next projects.

    1. thanks for your feedback … I remember some discussion with Robin Archer, the founder and designer of House of Harlot (UK) : as he told me, english girls are brought up on porridge and has some curves than some french girls didn’t have. When we start working together, he had to work with the measurements of my models for clothes because they were very thin with small breasts and he made some amazing and perfect outfits for me. This bodybag was something new for him like every creation, you need several tries to find the best way to do it. About Dana and the amateur models, that’s a normal evolution, they discover being in front of the camera is nice and funny but, after a while (short or long) most of them want to stop and turn the page. My role was to make this period of their life as much cool as possible.

  4. This is a nice shooting.

    But in my honest opinion, the red ballgag has to much contrast.
    It is so intensive red, it almost pops out of my phones display.

    The other colors, purple bedsheets, olive sleepsack, the darkend red shining trough the latex… I think they fit very well and harmonic together.

    Therefor I like the whole set. Thank you for sharing.

    1. thank you for this feedback … I agree with you, there is something wrong with the red ball-gag and the end of this set isn’t my taste. If these pictures have never been remastered during the lifetime of my website, that’s probably because I didn’t like my captures after Dana layed down on the bed inside this bodybag which was definately too large.

    1. thank you … yes, indeed, that’s always a little bit sad even more when you shared a lot of memories together. Sometimes, the model decides and let you the time to organize something cool for her last session like we did with Mina but, most of the time, I didn’t know when the story will end.

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