photo series 342-01

photo series 342-01

115 images starring Suzy
available to download


Suzy went back to Paris for her second shooting with me. As you probably know, Suzy was very shy but really motivated about the captive culture universe, so, I didn’t hesitate to make her captive two hours after her arrival. I started to play beyond the lights in my studio using the shibari school lighting : it helped to plunge Suzy into the right mood … we spoke about a possible schedule for those two days but I changed my plans. Finally, I didn’t give her first suspension to Suzy on monday evening … no, two hours after her trip by train, she was flying in my photo studio ! Suzy enjoyed this totally new experience and she did it without any problem. I used lot of ropes, more than usual, to make this flight more comfortable. After two positions in the air, I brought Suzy back to the floor. I tied her differently to continue my work : Suzy needed to be challenged to push her limits and I know how to do that ! We spoke about nipple clamps several times on live messenger : after the suspension, Suzy revealed her lovely boobs and tested my black clothespins and even more. As you can see watching the preview picture, I didn’t post one shot from the suspension but this portrait of Suzy … doesn’t she look lovely on this one ? If you want to know, yes, her arms are tied in the back and linked to the beam I use for the suspension. That position is really restrictive but very playful ! You can’t see on that picture but I built a nice g-string made of jute ropes before to expose and pinch her boobs. Now, it’s up to you : click on the download link and enjoy the photo series still available for free. I still like to share my archives and keep our passion alive !

shot on 2009, December 13
published on Captive Culture


photo series 343-01

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