photo series 265-02

photo series 265-02

140 images starring Anaïs + Angelina
available to download


Few days before, Angelina insisted on being suspended for the first time. I accepted but I wanted to give a flight to Anaïs before … perfect to increase her stress for this bondage session ! I was anxious about Angelina. It was her first suspension and her bondage experience was a bit too light to my opinion. I saw several girls in distress with suspension : this experience is a real challenge and it’s impossible to know if a girl will be comfortable or not before to test her. I don’t like to waste my time starting a set and stop it after 15 minutes because the suspended girl is feeling bad. That’s why I’ve added Anaïs to this set : it should allow me to make a complete series with pin-up and bondage shots before to attack the suspension time.But you also know I love testing new things and like my models, I love challenge. So, initially, I wanted to make a double suspension. However, I quickly got the feeling it shouldn’t be possible. I explain : 20 minutes are required to make a good suspension basis for each girl. 3:43 PM, I start to tie Anaïs because I know her very well. She’s strong.and she’s able to manage the restraint. When I finished the bondage basis for Anaïs, I did the same for Angelina. Meanwhile, Alain was shooting the other girl in the studio for pin-up style pictures. Then, when we started shooting the two girls together, Anaïs was already bound since 45 minutes (you can check the EXIF on my files for more details). Small things like tie the girls to the suspension beam takes time too. Few minutes more to manage some asthetic details and give some fun with the crotch rope. 5:01 PM : one leg in the air, Anaïs is bound since 75 minutes and like often in shooting, problem is not the ropes but the shoes … high heels are nice, yes, but it kill feet and legs very efficiently. So, Anaïs begins to be uncomfortable and we have to take pictures while I finish to suspend her. Alain fights with a difficult shooting configuration (my studio is a bit too small to shoot two girls under the suspension beam and it’s not easy to realize good framings) and I decide to make the flight really short. Only 5 minutes in the air for Anaïs, I see Angelina’s face changing time after time … She watched her friend fully suspended, it’s her turn and Anaïs in back on the floor (better for the breath and the rib cage, painful for the feet). Angelina feels her right leg tie to the beam, she’s bound since 85 minutes and she begins to be tired too. 5 minutes fully suspended, I prefer to release her and we used the barbarian method to bring her back on the floor, removing the suspension point from the beam to make it faster. 5:41 PM, Angelina has been suspended for the first time, I relieve Anaïs removing her shoes. We can finish the session doing some pictures and video where the girls try to remove the ropes by themselves. 5:54 PM, I decide to stop, the girls are always fighting with their ties and they would need thirty minutes more to succeed. Anaïs is bound since 140 minutes, it’s time to help her… I think we need five minutes more to untie the ropes … who said being a captive girl is a short time experience ? I don’t like the whole set, I think my rope work wasn’t good enough and I already spoke about the pictures on my blog… too much shots with a bad framing, I had to manually crop a lot of images and that’s something I rarely do. I hope you’d like the action, I appreciate how the nylon body stockings enhance the body curves for each girl … don’t you think they look great and sexy with their long and thin legs ? in a perfect world, legs and ropes should be a never-ending pleasure ! Here is the comment I wrote when this photo series has been added to my website several years ago. I didn’t modify it to give you more details like in the past. As usual, I wish you a nice viewing after the download.


shot on 2006, November 04
published on Captive Culture


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  1. Absolutely love this set. Two lovely ladies in beautiful ropework, kept perfectly under control but obviously enjoying themselves. Wonderful work! 🙂

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