photo series 319-02

photo series 319-02

75 images starring Graziella
available to download


Graziella brought a pin-up panties … pink, one of her favorite colors. I have some new ropes to break. Their natural color will match perfectly with her lingerie. Let’s bound the pin-up. After a mistress look session shot for ladyfemdom, we decided to end the day with some rope bondage. Fred was there to help me and take some pictures … Graziella told me several days before she wanted to be challenged with a strict bondage position. I decided to give her a real hogtie, really tight with well placed crotch rope. You will see I also gagged Graziella in the end of the session : strictly bound, totally gagged … is there something better to finish the day ? I don’t think so ! I don’t have a lot of things to write about that day except we got some fun and shot a lot of behind the scenes pics. As always, enjoy your download and report any broken link. Peace !

shot on 2009, February 01
published on Captive Culture


photo series 318-02

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