photo series 288-01

photo series 288-01

125 images starring Mina
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We didn’t play with Mina’s nipples since a while … that’s time to give her some rope and pain ! She got a playful but strict bondage session shot on October. I thought about xmas few days before when I found those red curtains. Just one simple element to remember the period : I asked Mina to bring her black wig but, unfortunately, she forgot it … no way to shoot red hair in front of a red background : that’s why we used one cheap wig I used in the past with some girls for the spanking videos. Mina wasn’t looking so cute than with her own wig but it’s okay, I have been able to maintain my main idea : strict bondage, breast torture and sharp contrast between pale skin and red background. I managed the whole session alone, no photo assistant and no model assistant : that’s not pleasant to fight when the girl is waiting for you totally bound and helpless. Anyway, we did it without any problem, we took a break between the bamboo part and the other one. You will notice I’ve played with her fingers like I did few weeks before with Anaïs … but her hands have been tied on front : the addition of bamboo gave something really strong and tense to the rope work. I think you will love the way her boobs have been mistreated, a lot of details and good ideas. I love the idea Mina was able to remove the clothepins… in fact, she removed it from her right breast but her hand was bound enough to make avoid the same action for the left boob. Then came the idea to make it unescapable with strict nipple clamps. Of course, she was totally unable to remove my ropes with the arms tied in the back : watch carefully, you will notice one evil trick … her thumbs were tied to the elbow’s rope so that her arms were constantly arched. be sure it makes a real difference and gives a strongest pain to the bound girl. I also tried something fun with her boobs, playing with her boobs and her nipples … do you think she loved to be pinched by the twisted rope while she was also pinched by the clothepins ? Anyway, I hope you’ll like those pics and wish you a merry christmas !


shot on 2007, October 19
published on Captive Culture


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3 Replies to “photo series 288-01”

  1. I love the little pool of drool at the sofa at the end of the shoot – the little details that count… Great shoot and ropework, Jerome! Mina seemed to enjoyed the nipple clamps 🙂

  2. thank you again Chris … I am not a fan about this wig but it allowed me to suggestion one more natural color to Mina for another shooting. I was inspired that day and my ropework has been playful, including for the nipple play. We didn’t expect a lot from this set but we quickly undertood it was popular when the preview pictures have been released … in another life now !

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