photo series 292-01

photo series 292-01

80 images starring Amélie
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Gothic corset and venetian mask : classy style for Amélie in this series. of course, I added nylon stockings and hemp ropes to the session … I was pleased to welcome my friend AnnLiz aka anXiogene, a french digital artist who loves to play with photography. I love her personality and I guess she would be a good assistant for bondage sessions. That’s how she came back at home few years later her last session as the model. She’s a talented people but she’s also a woman who needs a good atmosphere to work properly. That’s why I scheduled Amélie for her first session as the photo assistant, these two girls already met each others and are used to share some time together because they were friends with the french photographer Virginie Notte. After a first set for latex culture with AnnLiz as the photographer, we started a bondage series in the living room. I dressed Amélie with clothes she already used for ladyfemdm in the past … that outfit was really nice and I added it a beautiful venetian mask from Bibian Blue, bought with the corset when I visited her shop in Barcelona on year 2006. As I do sometimes, I took several shots during the set but AnnLiz got the camera during the main part of the session : I gave her some advices like lying on the floor to get better angles when Amélie left the chair for the PVC floor. You will notice I tried to make an efficient and unusual ropework to bind Amélie’s arms. I am pretty satisfied about the result, it looks nice with no risk to see Amélie untie herself. We spent a good day working together. I’m happy to be still in contact with AnnLiz who is now a photographer for several years. She totally deserved it. As always, enjoy the pictures and, of course, I wish you an happy new year !


shot on 2008, January 21
published on Captive Culture


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