fun in Las Vegas

fun in las vegas video

65 minutes starring Dana
available to download


20 years ago, I was coming back from Las Vegas. First travel in USA to meet our american friends at the BondCon … we were at the Luxor Hotel for several days and got some fun together in the bedroom before to go outside. I summarized these moments in my previous post BondCon 2004 … 20 years ago !  As you noticed it last week, only few pictures have been shared because the image quality wasn’t good enough & I was unable to remaster some of these memories due to the loss of my original captures. Fortunately, I recorded on video the bondage sessions shot beside this event organized by Jim Weathers, Jewel Evans, Rachel Paine & some others passionate people. It was my first bondage convention and I remember our level of stress with Dana : we traveled without ropes because there was a real tension between the french & american governments at this period. I minimized any risk with the immigration process at our arrival : that’s why I used some silk ribbon to immobilize Dana with one video on a bed of the Luxor Hotel. The same morning, I bound my partner with some scarfs & nylon stockings, on a table before to go in the jacuzzi. That’s how Dana has been bound before to take a cab & go to the BondCon : after our first visit, we had some nylon ropes to play again and Dana got the pleasure to be tied in several positions before another kinky time in the water. I still have a lot of memories in mind about these few days in Las Vegas : I was there to work (too much) but it has been a memorable experience … I will never forget Dana walking through the hotel wearing a purple outfit made of semi-transparent latex ! We traveled overseas to meet some bondage lovers : nowadays, there are some events everywhere but it wasn’t so easy at this period … no need to talk about the state of mind or philosophy which were really different. We were living the best years of the internet which was allowing to be connected with some people sharing the same passion : this convention has been perfect to meet a lot of models & photographers that made us all dream ! On my side, I got the chance to find a friend, Alain who was living in the suburbs of Paris like me : one day, I went on the BondCon chatroom and noticed someone with a french nickname. We started to chat together before to take our phones to exchange more about our passion. We have been lucky to meet each other before the trip and we shared a nice time together : Alain, Dana & I spent several days in Las Vegas and that was very cool. As I often said, the human adventure is something important and this travel made me live a lot of interesting situations : I didn’t have enough experience to deal with a convention like this and my obsession for work didn’t help me to find the right balance or attitude while I was far away from home. Anyway, I have been able to record some of these sweet memories on these videos captured 20 years ago … I hope you will like the mood of the bedroom games with Dana : as usual, you can click on the download icon, uncompress that zip file on your device and enjoy your viewing but, you can also watch my archives without downloading any compressed archive. Click on the magnifying glass icon to browse the folder containing the video files : you should be able to watch it online … that’s all for today, have a nice week-end !

bedroom session at the Luxor Hotel

Dana came in Las Vegas for the BondCon 2004 …
she knew the jacuzzi would be great for bondage !

arms in the back, hair tied to her feet, this bed was comfortable.
Dana had to kneel on a table : gagged in front of the window,
before to relax in the water, bubbles were really exciting for she.


shot on 2004, January 08 + 09
published on Captive Culture


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2 Replies to “fun in Las Vegas”

  1. Thanks for showing. I hope you are feeling better. Stay healthy. I know how the fear is, when cancer got you. lease stay on the survivor side as I do the last 15 years.

    1. thank you for these words … the cancer is out of my body and didn’t come back since 2017 but I still have to deal with the consequences related to my surgery. Colostomy made my daily life more complicated than I could imagine : when I got striked 7 years ago, I didn’t feel the fear for me but for my wife & my mother. I lost my mum one year later, my love is still there. I am still afraid about having to be in trouble again, for she, and myself, because, now, I know how the hospital is able to break anyone. That’s life, we all have our problems, some are worse than others, I understand the meaning of your message as you know my state of mind. You & me survived and we cross our fingers to be still there !

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