please show your love !

After the shutdown of my websites and some major health issues, I started to repost my best sessions on the blog. Since 2017, I have added more than 150 photo series available to download for free. That’s nice to share these memories when I get some feedback & support from you … but it doesn’t happen often enough !

Let me remind you that I don’t manage this blog to make any money : I work on the updates and social networks to escape from reality and my daily routine full of medical problems. You have the power to bright my day leaving a comment or message me everytime you watch one photo series or download one full length video . So, please, show your love because it is essential for any content creator like me, even more in a world where life is complicated for everyone. We need to spread some positive energy around us.

Recently, I replied to several messages and realized that many of my viewers don’t read me. Some of them didn’t understood that I don’t work anymore because a cancer changed my life. They watch my pics or vids but there is something more to catch beyond these memories. When I started this blog, my goal was to share my productions but also create one special link between you and me through my commentaries, an exchange which exists with few people through the years.

That’s why I invite you to be more active on this blog … let me share one statistic : 65.000 visitors, 100.000 downloads and 100 comments only during the year 2022. What do you think about it ? On my side, it made me thinking I was maybe wrong with my blog. When you write a post thinking nobody’s care about it, the problem become real.

Long time ago, in another situation, I decided to stop and turn the page. I wish being able to do it without the sadness and bitterness. I could also lock my archives with a password and give an access manually to the people asking for it. As you can see, my mind is full of ideas and I would prefer to continue peacefully the life of this blog.

So, I try to find the right balance between your user experience and my creator frustration … I hope this long post will make you understand that more feedback have to be posted here. If I don’t see any change within the next weeks, I will take my decision.

For now, let’s share the listing of my archives by chronological order + link to the blog entry … this is is a document made with Google Sheets allowing the reader to find my pics & vids. It made me thought I share too much content for only few people able to show some love : click on the following plus icon if you’re are interested about it.


Since a while, I had in mind to create some private groups for Captive Culture and Latex Culture. My initial idea was to use it as a safe place to avoid censorship on social networks. Recently, I started to think this space would be another way to share my oldest archives, the ones that I don’t want to repost on the blog which is for my best pics & vids. I think the quality of these sessions captured more than 20 years ago will be probably more appreciated by my fans than a larger audience.

Soon, I will start to repost my oldest archives through these privates group for the people who appreciate my work & don’t stay in the shadow. Nothing will change on the blog but I want to give a little bit more to my fans. Without them, I would probably stop to update my blog. Because when you post something on the internet, you need to know that’s not totally useless. Our virtual world is endless and there are so many nice things to watch.

Captive Culture and Latex Culture private groups are now ready to welcome my fans. I sent some invites, uploaded the video with Dana at Las Vegas and will start to post my oldest archives soon. Of course, I got several requests to join my private groups from followers who never left any comment or messaged me before … it’s not easy to explain that these spaces are for my fans, the people who don’t stay in the shadow.

I am probably too old for this world … my education made me learn some elementary principles like saying “thank you” when needed or smile and waving to the people around me just because the life is better like this !

In one hand, I feel myself uncomfortable about the situation but, in the other hand, how could I accept someone who never sent any signal to me ? Of course, the same guys say they love my work and download all the photo series available on the blog for free. But, someone benefiting from my generosity without making any effort to interact with me simply doesn’t exist on a social media or in my mind because I got no notification about any action … I provide a lot of free content for several years and this kind of people only knows one thing : click on the download button. Is it interesting for me ? No.

that’s all for today … sorry for the monologue !

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  1. C’est clair que ton travail mérite plus de reconnaissance. Tes photos sont intemporelles. Et puis revoir ces modèles après toutes ces années est très émouvant! certaines ont 50 ans aujourd’hui! Elle peuvent être fière d’avoir posé pour toi… Bon courage mon ami!

    1. merci mon ami … je ne demande pas à ce que l’on me baise les pieds mais un peu de courtoisie élémentaire ne serait pas de trop. J’ai vraiment l’impression de donner de la confiture à des cochons mais à force de se comporter ainsi, je finirai par leur tourner le dos comme lorsque j’ai arrêté la Shibari School en son temps.

  2. I try to comment when I can, but sometimes I don’t know how to express myself beyond “thank you” without sounding demanding or critical, which is not my intent as I love a lot of your work. I’ve always thought a wall of “thank you” and likes and other inane comments doesn’t contribute much, so if I haven’t got anything to say beyond that I remain silent and simply appreciate your work. Please know that, even if it feels like you’re shouting into the void, there are those of us who appreciate your work and that you are sharing it with us, even if we’re the kind to sit quietly in the corner nodding and smiling in appreciation.

    1. I bet you are not alone thinking “thank you” isn’t enough but as I wrote several times, one simple “thank you” is better than nothing. That’s not a big deal to write some words while you’re downloading a zip archive with my pictures.

  3. Will there be a way of seeing this fan-only content other than Telegram? I think I remember you had a Discord server at one point, but gave up on it due to lack of interaction. Would that make a return, or will this be remaining on Telegram?

    1. undeed, the community on Discord has been closed because too many people joined to download more content without exchanging … and it will be the same if there is no real desire to make these groups alive : I am already frustrated by the lack on courtesy with my blog visitors, I won’t play alone in a community. It will work or I will stop because after 6 years giving my archives, it’s time to receive some love. About your question, I prefer to use Telegram which is safer than Discord.

  4. Thanks Old Pal,
    Personne n’est “trop vieux pour ce monde”, enfin pour ce qu’il est.
    Personnellement, j ai quitté FB et n ai gardé FL que pour “rester en lien” avec quelques “belles personnes”.
    Définitivement “accro” à ton travail et à ton univers.
    Au plaisir d autres échanges,

  5. Hello Jerome,
    I’m sorry that it took your post to prompt me to leave a more substantial comment on your work. I do very much appreciate the art that you have created, and the effort that you put into making it available to us.
    I don’t remember exactly when I first encountered your work, but your images have been a part of my life for many years. Thank you for sharing the results of your talent and skill with us. It is very much appreciated, and YOU are very much appreciated.

    1. thank you for these nice words … I appreciate every one even if my mind is a little bit blurry due to an excess of social networking for the last two weeks. It doesn’t contribute to think properly and stay cool with a situation / behaviour which slowly attacked my motivation to keep this blog alive. I would be probably more relax getting some positive messages regularly. That’s also my fault because I know how the internet works and what’s our world nowadays … I shouldn’t expect nothing and do all this just for me. But would ie be enough ? I’m unsure. My memories are inside me, I don’t need a blog to think about it. Sharing is just another way to make it better.

  6. I’ve always had a massive love and respect for you and your work, inspiring and creative !
    And I’m sure myself and others appreciate you being you <3

    1. I know Jody … we got some nice exchange in the past ! I spend too much time in this virtual life because the daily routine is too empty. Maybe it’s time for me to cut with the past and live something new … there are many others things to do than this blog and social networking. Thanks for being here mate !

  7. Hello from Mexico, Jerome.

    I’ve always appreciated your work and can understand the frustration. Sorry for never being vocal about my thanks but better late than never. I’ll try to be more active and give my thoughts on your wonderful archives.

    1. thank you Alejandro … I thought a long time before to write this blog post but I had to do it. I hope that some others people will think the same : better late than never. i wish you a nice week-end !

  8. merci de ton message … nous avons tous des problèmes même si certains sont plus servis que d’autres ! J’apprécie toujours de savoir que l’on peut encore suivre mon travail après toutes ces années et suis encore plus curieux du ressenti que chacun peut avoir sur ces aventures d’une autre époque.

    1. Je me demandais, j’avais cru comprendre qu’il existait un Discord ? Serait-il possible de le rejoindre ? Je suis bien plus actif sur Discord que sur des commentaires sur du contenu en ligne typiquement, et je serais curieux de rejoindre une communauté fétichiste française (Même si le serveur est in english ça reste ok pour moi).

      Je comprendrai bien sûr que ce ne soit pas possible, n’étant pas actif sur le site… Mais étant curieux, je me permets de demander à tous égard :). Merky !

      1. Les groupes Telegram et Discord sont dédiés aux fans comme tu l’as parfaitement compris … être curieux ne suffit pas pour les intégrer. J’évalue actuellement le taux de participation de ces communautés et si je n’en suis pas satisfait, elles seront fermées comme ce blog. Simplement, parce que les gens qui veulent consommer de l’image sans jamais participer sont épuisants.

  9. Bonjour Monsieur Duplessis.

    Je vais vous épargner l’agonie de mon français scolaire, c’est pourquoi je préfère écrire en allemand.

    Ich bewundere Ihre art des Schreibens schon seit ich auf Kanal aufmerksam geworden bin.
    Auf eine weise inspirieren Sie mich, wie man mit den Täglichen Herausforderungen umgehen kann. Auch wenn alles einfacher zu lesen ist statt selbst davon betroffen zu sein, bewundere ich Sie für Ihr Durchhaltevermögen.
    Ganz klar bekommen wir hier nur einen Bruchteil mit wie es Ihnen geht, und es geht uns eigentlich nichts an. Mein grösster Respekt davor dass Sie Ihre Geschichte mit uns teilen!
    Für diese viele Sätze und möchte ich mich bei Ihnen bedanken!! Beim lesen von Ihren Blogs werde ich mir immer wieder bewusst, wie wertvoll Gesundheit ist. Allein dieser Punkt ist es schon Wert sie zu verfolgen.

    Hierzu wünsche ich Ihnen nur das Beste!

    Ich finde Ihre art der Darstellenden Kunst sehr interessant. Einerseits die Art der Reizung und der Thematik. Und andererseits wie sie sich dazu bewegen Ihr Geistiges Eigentum ganz ohne Profit mit der Welt zu teilen.

    Ich kenne Ihre werke, als Latex/Captive Culture noch Online waren. Für mich waren Sie meine erste Begegnung zum Thema Latex.

    Ich möchte Ihnen einfach nur Danke sagen Merci pour votre travail!

    Freundlichste Grüsse.

    J’admire votre façon d’écrire depuis que j’ai pris connaissance de Kanal.

    D’une manière, vous m’inspirez sur la façon de faire face aux défis quotidiens. Même si tout est plus facile à lire au lieu d’être vous-même affecté, je vous admire pour votre persévérance.

    Il est clair que nous n’obtenons ici qu’une fraction de la façon dont vous allez, et cela ne nous concerne pas vraiment. Mon plus grand respect pour le fait que vous partagiez votre histoire avec nous !

    Pour ces nombreuses phrases et je tiens à vous remercier !! En lisant vos blogs, je me rends compte à quel point la santé est précieuse. Ce point à lui seul vaut la peine de les suivre.

    Pour cela, je ne vous souhaite que le meilleur !

    Je trouve votre type d’art du spectacle très intéressant. D’une part, le type d’irritation et le sujet. Et d’autre part, comment ils se déplacent pour partager votre propriété intellectuelle avec le monde sans aucun profit.

    Je connais vos œuvres quand Latex/Captive Culture étaient encore en ligne. Pour moi, vous avez été ma première rencontre sur le thème du latex.

    Je veux juste vous dire merci Merci pour votre travail !

    Cordialement. A.

    1. Merci pour ce long message A. et j’apprécie que vous ayez traduit la partie allemande … tout d’abord merci d’apprécier mon travail mais aussi de comprendre la démarche qui se cache derrière ce blog. Effectivement, vous avez connu une autre époque, celle oùu j’étais actif et faisait tout mon possible pour produire de nouvelles images et vidéos … puis vint le temps de cesser mon activité, la maladie et ses conséquences. Je suis passé près de la mort et une épée de Dacoclès est toujours présente au-dessus de ma tête. Pourtant, je n’ai pas eu une réaction égoïste en me refermant sur moi, j’ai essayé de continuer ce que j’aimais en faisant vivre ces souvenirs, les partager gratuitement maintenant que je n’ai pas plus les charges de l’entreprise, de l’état et de la production. Si j’étais en meilleur santé, je relancerais un projet mais ce n’est pas le cas. J’entretiens le souvenir de ces années Culture en me disant que, peut-être, un jour, nous aurons ma femme et moi, le besoin et la capacité de le remettre en selle, sous une forme ou une autre. C’est une bouée, pour l’avenir, pour mon présent et ma manière de penser à autre chose que la maladie et ses conésquences. Alors, oui, vous l’avez compris, profitez de chaque instant, parce que je peux confirmer que rien n’est plus essentiel : la santé est un bien précieux, lorsqu’elle se dégarde, on devient prisonnier de son corps. Merci encore de vos encouragements !

  10. Hello, its been years since I have seen your work. I commented a couple of times way back way in the origin days. I didn’t say much because I assumed the translation from English to French in those days was…. I remember when you wrote you were closing it (you work) down. I thought you were gone for good. You had health issues and sounded disappointed with your art. Artist often feel that way about their work. Occupational hazzard for a large number. I would imagine that it is even harder to get people to engage now than it was in 2017. I hope you are doing better. Good to have found you again. I don’t “browse” much at this point in my life. I just want you to know that your talent is seen. Your Art is appreciated.

    1. thank you … yes, you’re right, I was disappointed because the timing of shutdown & health issues didn’t leave me the choice. I had to close the websites while, if I wasn’t bleeding every day and searching the origin, I would have simply moved the commercial websites to some free ones. That’s why I thought this blog would be a nice way to bring back my best sessions online. The only thing that I didn’t expect is people almost stopped to browse external websites prefering to stay on social networks. It decreases the engagement slightly and, that’s also true there are a lot of quality content nowadays which is free and we all have only 24 hours in a day.

  11. My friend, you know I comment often on dA. If you want me to comment here as well, just say so 🙂 I am very thankful of you sharing these glimpses and shoots from the past.

    1. oh yes, please, I think DA isn’t a place for readers and writers anymore … that’s sad but I prefer to have your feedback there, I know we got some really nice exchanges in the past.

  12. Jerome,

    I remember encountering some of your work quite some time ago while following other artists and performers and it struck me how they and you kept this genre in the realm of art and offered a counterpoint to some of the seedy and frankly nasty work coming from some of the more commercial publishers. You are appreciated by many.

    1. thanks a lot Max … production is always a little bit difficult, you have to balance between a personal desire, the available options and your audience. I tried to follow my own path even if it wasn’t always easy, keeping my eye on the red line that I didn’t want to cross. Maybe it helped to offer this counterpoint you’re talking about !

  13. Hi Jerome,

    I haven’t visited your blog for a few weeks so I only saw just saw your post. I immediately have to apologize as you are completely right. I too have viewed this blog way more than I have commented and I should have known that only a little bit of extra time from me could mean a lot to you. I can’t change the past but I can promise to show more appreciation to you in the future. Your Telegram will definitely help in this and I have just also joined the channel and send you a message.

    Again apologies for the way you feel about the blog. You are completely right in expecting more from some people when a little bit of appreciation and communication is all that you ask from us.

    1. thank you Jasper … that’s nice to read because I know my desire to keep connected with the people who appreciate my work isn’t always understood. That’s also related to my own situation, this blog is my hobby now and I need it provides me some positive energy to continue. The only way to get this feeling is reading some comments like this one !

  14. Hi Jerome, I was initially drawn by any of your work starring Amélie – she shines through thanks to both her beauty and your style. If you ever wrote about how you learned your skills please point it out to me as I would enjoy the stories.

    Make the decision for yourself, just be assured that many of us appreciate your art, and you making it so readily available despite the circumstances in your life. I just never really commented enough on your work on DA or anywhere.

    So I thank you, and may more pleasant luck head your way.

    (I might be using simple terms to explain things like ‘style’ etc.
    Going through some circumstances of my own at the moment, haven’t got the energy to properly elaborate on things!)

  15. hey, just wanted to say thank you for posting all these galleries – I subscribed to cc for a while but there were so many I missed, so it’s lovely to be able to finally see them

  16. I was really touched by an old photoset of yours, with Eve as the mistress and Ambre as the maid. It was peak submission on a level I rarely saw before or after. But I could not find it on this blog, and only scattered images float around the Internet. Some others were also very beautiful.

    Thank you for this enormous body of work.

  17. Hello,
    I’m a fan of your art. The scenes are beautiful playful and your models seem to love what you do with te´hem. Thnks for showing!

  18. Hi,

    Been enjoying the cool stuff you create for nearly a decade now. Love the sensual balance you strike.

    About commenting. Honestly I partially blame my introversion and partially the UI. It is not at all intuitive to leave a comment here.

    1. thank you … and, yes, I agree with you. I don’t understand why WordPress didn’t find a better way to enhance the comments, like it wasn’t something important but that’s essential and it should be attractive and intuitive !

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