photo series 378-01

photo series 378-01

195 images starring Coffin Jane
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Back in 2013 for the penultimate photo session shot with Coffin Jane that I didn’t shoot since a long time … almost two years due to my break and some changes in her life. Like me, she found her way and got a baby. She stopped to do lot of photo sessions and prefer to choose the ones who allows to have nice pics and some fun too. That’s exactly what we had in mind. I asked Faustine to play the kinky girl playing with my model and I got the nice surprise to see Miss Coffin jane really enjoyed the situation. She was happy to shoot and get the ropes back on her skin : you will probably notice she lost some weight … she look great like this and I was lucky enough to catch her natural beauty and the desire to be bound and even more. Faustine & Jane got a nice feeling and the photo session quickly turned into something different : their eyes were sparkling and the situation slowly became more intimate … step by step, Coffin Jane discovered the feeling of shooting for Captive Culture with another woman. We never got the chance to organize a duo session before and I think you will enjoy to watch Jane nicely teased by Faustine. First, we started with rope bondage for the arms : Coffin Jane was bound with elbows tight in the back. One length of hemp rope has been enough to start efficiently the set. I have tied Coffin Jane several times in the past and I know she’s comfortable with strict shibari but, that day, I wanted to focus my lens on the BDSM games and not only on the rope’s restraint. That’s why I did simple ropework … I heard some of my fans who requested less japanese bondage. I knew the session would be exciting enough with another woman to play with the captive girl. No need of complicated ties ! Bound on the sofa, Coffin Jane discovered the new furniture we bought few months ago but didn’t use yet for shooting. Because of the white leather, I used less light than usual : you know my taste increased for intimate atmosphere and something less artificial than my old photo sessions. My lighting is soft and warm, a configuration which is a little bit risky for my old Nikon camera but I think the result is good. I am satisfied with it, I hope you’ll like the pics too … don’t hesitate to give me your feedback in the blog comments. Back to the action … now Miss Coffin Jane is bound, Faustine takes the riding crop and gives her instructions. She had to take several positions and show her bum before to be untied. No doubt you will love the little strip-tease that Coffin Jane did for the camera. I shot several nice portraits before to bind her in another position (the one you can see on the preview picture) … breast bondage is always a good choice with nice woman like Jane ! After this rope immobilization with her arms in the back, Jane got to model for my slave Faustine who took her camera for some close-up. Okay, that’s just for the story, I wanted to create a dynamic for my own pictures. I love to photography one woman who is shooting another girl ! The nipple play started when Faustine stopped to user her camera : fingers, clothespins … that’s so funny to pinch and tweak sensitive nipples. Jane already lived this kind of situation with me but, that day, we went to the next step using strong nipple clamps, the metal ones ! The chain always help to get some nice pics and gives a unique feeling to the bound girl … Faustine even played with the pinched nipple and those clamps before to release Jane. Release ? Not really … Faustine grabbed the boobs of the captive girl and explored the limits of Miss Coffin Jane who looks more than receptive to this kind of stimulation. It was time to take her panty off and make Jane totally naked … you should love to watch Faustine putting her foot between Jane’s legs, pushing on the crotch to excite the bound woman. I even captured some nice smiles : that’s nice to see Coffin Jane so relax and happy to be kinky. Then came something new for Jane : she has never been gagged before … she looks a little bit shy on the pictures showing the ball-gag : that’s so cute ! After the ball took her mouth, Faustine brought the nipple clamps back and started to play with the riding crop … that’s always nice to watch the clamps pulled and the chain moving. Last but not least, Coffin Jane got some slaps on her bum and we noticed she was loving it … is there something better than spanking a beautiful woman as birthday gift ? Faustine was turning 33 the day after, she got her first gift : she used the riding crop to turn the bum of Jane into a nice red. Of course, I didn’t miss this chance and shot many pics of the spank ending with the hand. In the end, Jane was visibly happy. The time was passing and we had to finish our kinky sunday afternoon without an extra-time. No doubt she got her bum a little bit sensitive on the way back to her city … take a train after spanking is something lot of french girls lived after they visited my house. You will see on the last picture how Miss Coffin Jane looks happy in bondage, gagged and clamped for a while. That’s the sign she enjoyed the session and I hope she will keep a lot of nice memories about this afternoon shooting with Faustine. I wish you a nice watching and week-end !


shot on 2013, March 10
published on Captive Culture


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3 Replies to “photo series 378-01”

  1. That´s a large and beautiful photo set. She´s shy and authentic and that´s beautiful. I also love the play between Faustine and her – awesome. I also love the last pic with her smiling in the camera being tied up and ball gagged (the white ball gag is an eye catcher in these yellow toned pics). Thank you!

    1. thank you again Chris for the feedback … yes, it was nice to let Faustine play with Miss Coffin Jane. That’s one of my last photo series. We got a nice time together but I regret my decision to stop shooting nowadays. We could have more fun but I didn’t know that our life would be so complicated later with my cancer. Anyway, that’s life !

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