167-01 archive session

167-01 archive session

155 images starring Diva + Eve
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Surprise update on the blog for xmas ! Back in 2004, December 04 … we shot this session before the holidays season : it was the second shooting of Diva who was modeling with another girl for the first time. As you can see on the preview picture, Diva was wearing some glasses to look more strict : I decided to try her as the dominant woman. It was interesting to associate this sexy brunette to Miss Eve as the blonde submissive. Both girls were dressed with french lingerie but Diva got the pleasure to wear a beautiful creation by Chantal Thomas … for the little story, it has been used five years later with Suzy for her duo session with Miss Eskarina – photo series 351-01. I was still including a storyline in my photo series at this period : Diva was playing the psychoanalyst of Eve who was dreaming about submission. You probably know that I don’t like a lot these stories which were there to help my models being more comfortable with the BDSM universe. That’s true it was keeping us away from the dark side that only few girls appreciate but it was also looking too artificial for my personal taste. Anyway, we shot a classic session including some power exchange & rope bondage before to try something different for the end. Diva has been lightly bound using some christmas decoration before I did a quick couple bondage with the two girls tied together. I didn’t shoot a lot of good pics that day but some are not so bad : beside the background which was too cheap, I thought during all the session about how Diva was looking slim compared to Eve. It made me uncomfortable because I think she got the same idea : we were talking enough together to know she noticed the difference with Diva who was really skinny at this period. I always appreciated Eve who was in front of my lens since several years : my double mistake has been to undress the sexy brunette and choose this lingerie for my blonde model. I should have been able to minimize this minor issue for you, but not for me. Anyway, I thought you would like to watch more about Eve & Diva as an additional gift for xmas ! As usual, you can click on the download icon, uncompress that zip file on your device and enjoy your viewing. My archives are also viewable clicking on the magnifying glass icon : it allows you to browse this session online. Severak video files have been included in this archive with Diva smocking a cigarette while Eve is kneeling on the floor. I know a lot of people don’t like this nowadays but it was still popular in 2004. That’s all for today : I wish you a nice holidays season … merry xmas !


shot on 2004, December 04
published on Captive Culture


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    1. happy you like it … like Stjepan explained in a tweet, he got inspired by Greta for Ally when he was a teenager and realized several years later that I took this picture in 2000 🙂

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